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"Are we having a ball with our home theatre! We've enjoyed it for just over two months and have already collected more than twenty DVDs and are afraid to count the CDs. Our previous source of home entertainment, a ten-year old boombox, recently made its final trip to St. Vinnie's! The neighbors used to think we were nuts, now they just come over and enjoy the music with us. We appreciate your patience and we never would have "popped" for our system without your professional, low-key approach."
"We want to tell you how much we appreciate the great service and quality products we recently purchased from Paragon Video and Stereo to create a new home theater system in our home. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would tell anyone who inquires that Paragon Video embodies the best of the old fashioned retail virtues: fair prices, outstanding quality, and extraordinary personal service reminiscent of the good old days when doctors made house calls."
"I used the new remote to turn on the cable music this morning and it is fantastic! Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into our system. I know we are going to love it!"

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CS2000 Center

 • Brand/Make: Jensen
 • Component Type:
 • New or Vintage: VINTAGE
 • Paragon Product ID: 6
 • Paragon Low Price: $190.00

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